We celebrate imaginative self expression and unstoppable curiosity.
We love things that have
a past and that shine a little brighter.
We tried, but we simply cannot
resist the power of fashion:
the urge you feel,
the call you hear,
the joy you can reach.
Something tingles inside
when the right piece touches your
skin, when a new character mirrors,
and when it's time to set a story free. 
We always surrender to fashion
that takes life to another level.

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PAKA PAtricia and KAren.
Patricia, twenty-nine, was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. With her
Master’s degree from Instituto Marangoni of Milan, Pati has been in the fashion industry for nearly ten years. Her fashion journey has taken her many places, from being a stylist for Vogue Brazil where she produced more than ten covers and editorials, to leading campaigns for brands such as L’Oreal and Barbara Casasola. She’s even brought her take to the limelight, producing looks for pop singer Anitta. Karen, twenty-four, was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Miami, FL, at age seven. Although Karen’s work experience began in marketing agencies, she always knew her niche was in fashion. Using her ties back home, she assisted in organizing Peru’s fashion week and was able to segue into working for fashion brands in both Peru and Miami. Patricia and Karen met at IED School of Design in Barcelona, where they each a Master’s in Fashion Marketing and
Communications. They shared the idea of creating a better tomorrow while never losing sight of what we love most: the art of fashion . Therefore, we began the #PAKAMovement, which represents us to our core. Most of the fashion market is damaging our planet and we refuse to contribute to that harm. We aspire to give a second life to high-end and
slow-fashion brands. Our friendship and shared passion made PAKA our mission, and our ying-and-yang compatibility helps strengthen our vision. Our aim is to inspire people to find their unique style through conscious fashion.