Beige Corduroy FRIDA Denim Pants

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Beige velvet corduroy and blue denim pants with wave shape cut out. Unique handmade up-cycle brand Urees from Barcelona, made with vintage Levis pants.


FRIDA Jeans by Urees: A Unique Fusion of Style and Sustainability

Introducing the FRIDA Jeans by Urees – a truly exceptional creation handcrafted in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. These jeans embody the essence of unisex fashion, featuring a versatile unisize design that adapts to your body seamlessly. Crafted from thoughtfully selected reused garments, each pair of Jeans carries a rich history, making them a statement of sustainable fashion.

Innovative Adjustable Buttons: Elevating comfort and fit, our Jeans showcase innovative adjustable buttons that effortlessly transform the waist from 30 to 33 US size, ensuring a tailored fit just for you. (See photo for reference)